Dear Parents, Teachers

The Gugai High School was begun with a strength of more than 520 students. Over the years, the school has shown great improvement. Today it has a student strength of around 3500 studying in 60 classes. 1955 - 1960 : Sri. S.M. Lakshmana Chettiar, B.A., L.T., rendered his service as the first Headmaster of this school. 1960 - 1985 : Sri. V. Namachivayam, B.A., B.T., served as the Headmaster. The school was upgraded from a High School into a Higher Secondary School. 1985 - 1994 : Sri. T.V. Soundararajan, M.A., M.Ed., rendered his service as the Headmaster.View more

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முயற்சியும் , பயிற்சியும் தொடர்ச்சியாக இருக்குமானால்

சாதாரண மனிதனும் சாதனையாளனாகலாம் .


The boys feel delight for the optimal opportunity to study in our school. We applaud the students and owe their all kinds of innate talents. I feel very proud and humble to lead this school with the co-operation of our committee members and our teachers, who appertains in the triumph and grandeur that we acquire.